How to Bring Your Restaurant Online

By Hannah Robie
By Hannah Robie

At a time when consumers are increasingly looking to their phones and computers to ask “What’s for dinner?” standing out has never been more important. And because we eat with our eyes, a restaurant’s answer must be a visually tantalizing digital menu.

In fact, over 90% of customers review online menus before patronizing restaurants.

So how can you be sure your offerings are showcased at their best with minimal effort? The answer is Views.

Views is not just any online menu generator. We’re not talking about publishing an unchanging list of house favorites, or even digitizing the word-heavy menus most restaurants place on their tables.

Instead we offer a menu unlike any seen before: one that’s visual, current, and automatically updated across delivery platforms.

With our customizable templates and quick turnaround, Views guides you through creating a menu that makes viewers drool while maintaining your unique brand identity.

Did you know? Over 30% of restaurants change their menus quarterly or even every month of the year.

If you are one of these restaurants, listen up: With Views, every change you make will be automatically reflected on partnering services like DoorDash, Seamless, and UberEats.

Without the hassle of keeping your menu current on multiple platforms, your efficiency will increase and, as customers find up-to-date offerings and consistent prices, so will your revenue. With Views’ automatic synchronization across ordering services, you can focus on what you do best: care for your community and neighbors through food. 

Combining so many needs in a single service may seem complex and time-consuming. It isn’t. With Views, you can set up a striking online menu that will live on your website as well as your ordering platforms in just five minutes. Here’s the breakdown.

  • Minute 1: Tell us about your restaurant. 
  • Minutes 2: Customize your menu with a brand logo and color scheme.
  • Minute 3: Choose your template from our collection of 6 unique designs.

  • Minute 4: Send us your current menu.
  • Minute 5: Book an appointment with one of our in-house photographers.

Next, sit back and watch your menu come together. While you wait on finished photos, we’ll send a menu proof with placeholder images. Alongside that proof will be a link to your personal Views Dashboard. If the proof doesn’t satisfy you completely, use the Dashboard to customize your menu even further.

If you’re still not sure that Views is right for you, consider this: YOUR FIRST THREE MONTHS ARE ON US. That’s right, you’ll have free access to your Views menu for three months once you create it.

We’re aware of how tough this year has been on the hospitality industry, and we want to do our part to outfit you with as many tools and as little expenditure as possible. You’ll have time to experience the ease of syncing your menus across platforms, witness the beauty of our visual format, and learn from the insights we provide about your customer base and revenue streams.

Get Started here. We’re confident that you’ll emerge three months later with better customer retention, higher sales and user satisfaction than ever before.

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