How to Optimize with Insights

By Hannah Robie
By Hannah Robie

You’ve heard Views makes game-changing digital menus, but did you know it’s about to deliver beyond drool-worthy photos and formats? Coming soon to View’s subscribers are analytics that measure your restaurant’s performance at multiple levels to optimize your business.

How can data help your restaurant?

Views’ analytics will increase online sales at participating restaurants by more than 35%.

Why such an increase?

The data we gather reveals areas of your restaurant that are thriving AND any aspects that could be improved. These insights can be used to modify your operations, such as amplifying your restaurant’s presence online and adjusting your menu.

Views will offer insights in the following categories:

  • Dishes customers are rallying around
  • Restaurant performance on ordering platforms like Grubhub and UberEats
  • High sales and traffic times of day/days of the week
  • Geography of your customer base

To get a sense for how each of these metrics may be utilized to improve your operations, let’s take a deeper look:

Dishes Customers Are Rallying Around:

Views tracks customer dish choices across your ordering platforms. This means you will see which dishes are the most popular, and which are faring the least well. This information may help hone your menu by weeding out unpopular items, or adding more variations on your bestsellers.

Restaurant Performance on Ordering Platforms:

Using predictive analytics, Views will gauge the platforms where your restaurant is excelling, as well as those where you are struggling. From these insights, you can understand which platform menus may need revamping, and which are so successful that additions to your offerings could be helpful.

High Sales and Traffic Times:

This data reveals the times of day and days of the week when your offerings are most often ordered, or your menu is most often viewed. With this knowledge, you’ll glean which meals are performing best and when you may want to increase production. For example, should morning to afternoon hours draw the highest traffic you may want to flush out and focus on brunch offerings.

Geography of Your Customer Base:

Are your customers local to the blocks surrounding your brick and mortar, or are they coming from farther afield? This information can help you to understand which areas are most in tune with your offerings, which may inform the most lucrative boroughs for your restaurant.

Of course, for these metrics to have real impact, it will be crucial to remain flexible and open to change, because an ability to adapt is the very best tool in your arsenal for restaurant optimization.

Coupled with our insights, your sales and operational efficiency will quickly rise.

Because while Views may be a drool-worthy menu creator, it is also poised to act as a data machine. Try it out today HERE. We can’t wait to help you succeed!

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